The Wonders of Nature

by Russell Edson
Edson. The Rooster's Wife. The Wonders of Nature
A circus manager, who secretly likes to wear women's clothes, has run out of money and is selling his wonders-of-nature show. A slightly damaged fat lady, who for lack of a watercress salad has lost a couple of ounces of carefully nourished heft, priced for quick sale. A contortionist who has twisted himself into an emotional knot being offered as a piece of modern sculpture. A special bargain, Siamese twins, buy one, and get one free. Two for the price of one. A three-legged man who has only two, but insists on a third; you have only to open his fly—By appointment only. Ladies preferred. Finally, the bearded lady, who is actually a man wearing a dress. Otherwise the circus manager himself with a goatee pasted on his chin. . . .