by W.D. Snodgrass
Snodgrass. Not For Specialists. Invitation
Come live with me and be my last Resource, location and resort, My workday's focus and steadfast Distraction to a weekend's sport. Come end up with me, close my list; Blank my black book, block every e-mail From ex-loves whose mouths won't be missed; Let nothing else alive look female. Come couch with me mit Freud und Lust As every evening's last connection. Talk to me; prove the day like Proust; Let what comes next rise to inspection. Come, let old aftermaths get lost, Let failures and betrayals mend, Cancel repayments; clear the cost; Once more unto the breach, dear friend. Come lay us down to sleep at least, Sharing this pillow's picture show. Who's been my braintrust and best beast? Who else knows what I need to know?